The Huletts Casino

The Huletts Casino, a center of fun and recreation, cannot be explained, it must be experienced.

Open 8PM - midnight during the week, and 8PM - 2AM on Friday & Saturday, it is the only true "night life" in Huletts Landing.

Whether you're stopping by for dinner, a quick drink with friends, or if you just want to play pool, ping pong or pin ball, come by and enjoy the fun!

Yearly events include a magic show, a few varied DJ's, and lectures on regional topics of interest.

Also Huletts' renowned ice cream parlor, known as the "Soda Fountain" is located in the same building as the Casino. Open nightly, bring the children by for some fresh ice cream.


Huletts-on-Lake-GeorgeOur Amenities Are Unique

Guaranteed Dock Space with House Rental

9 Hole Golf Course

Tennis & Basketball

Ice Cream Parlor for Children

Mountains and Scenic Beauty

Charming Unforgettable Location